Get Well Soon, Bilo!

June 24, 2017 Random Things

So since I live home alone, my only friend is Bilo my almost 7y/o kitty-girl (if the invisible ones don’t counted). But in these last few weeks something weird¬†happened to her. She started to eat palm-fiber from my house broom and vomit it out later. Bilo what’s happening to you? ūüôĀ Then I asked Giza’s hubby who’s a vet. He said long-haired cats like her¬†will usually eat grass because of its high fiber, so she chews the broom¬†for missed theRead More

MOOC Project: Done!

March 2, 2016 mirzart

Been about a week from the day I said yes to¬†Kat. Now guess what: all finished¬†and I’m so glad that Kat and her team like my result! Kat said that she want a picture of me and her playing drum expressively. It’s so fun that in fact I can’t play that instrument at all. But then the omg-i’m-so-excited feeling didn’t went that well since I found that my drawing is so bad ūüôĀ So here I tell you the process.Read More

Drawing Picture for MOOC

February 25, 2016 mirzart

In October 2015 I participated to a music therapy workshop held by my campus. The speaker is Dr. Katrina McFerran, a board certified music therapist from University of Melbourne, Australia. After the workshop, I made a digital sketch of all of workshop participants and uploaded it on Facebook. I think it’s been a quite long time after the sketch I made, but yesterday I got a message from Katrina and¬†she asked me if I interested to contribute to her newestRead More

Two Weeks in Malang Story

July 16, 2015 Daily Story

Akhirnya hospitium berakhir! Aku dan teman-teman Klinis Dewasa akhirnya balik lagi ke Bandung setelah¬†stay¬†di RSJ Radjiman Wediodiningrat Malang selama dua minggu.¬†What we did there? So here is the story, enjoy! ūüôā *** Karena majoring KLD angkatanku isinya 18 orang, di Malang kami dibagi dalam tiga kelompok kecil, jadi masing-masing kelompok isinya 6 orang dan tiap kelompok bertugas di satu bangsal di RSJ. Tiap hari dari pagi sampai sore (kadang malem) kami jaga di bangsal. Tugas masing-masing adalah “megang” satu pasienRead More

Today Photo Diary

May 25, 2015 Meja Makan, mirzart

Today me Bandung Foodies¬†went to one of newest coffee shop in Bandung. We were invited to taste and review their product. At first we just planned to come to one place but in the end we came to three! And yes, today is my last day to do this kind of activity before I go to Malang next week.¬†Here’s¬†my today photo diary ūüôā Some of new menus that will be launched on June 2015 at Kingkong Express Coffe and cakeRead More

From Strangers to Bestfriends

January 2, 2015 Friends

Selama taun 2014 aku punya dua kelompok temen baru, masing-masingnya cuma ketemu intens sama sekitar 6 bulan aja. They are AAX¬†and Bandung Foodies. Bisa dibilang setengah taun pertama, hari-hari dihiasi sama AAX dan setengah taun terakhir sama Bandung Foodies. *** AAX (don’t ask why we named it AAX :P): mereka temen-temen kerja di Jakarta dan mulai deket dari bulan Januari. Ini agak aneh sebenernya, waktu itu mereka adalah anak-anak baru di kantor dan aku sendiri udah lebih lama. Aku jadiRead More

Guest From USS!

December 26, 2014 Friends, Livre Journal, Meja Makan

Tue, Dec 23rd 2014: YEAY, ada tamu spesial dari Singapore! It’s postcard from Sharon yang udah ditunggu hampir dua minggu. Sayang waktu postcard ini nyampe di rumah ngga ada orang yang nerima, jadi sama postman-nya ditinggalin gitu aja di halaman dan kena hujan, basah deh ūüôĀ Nah kalo¬†penasaran sama anak yang namanya Sharon, liat nih wajahnya. Thanks a bunch Sharon (and the postman)! Such a super-mood-booster after the¬†tiring Tuesday. Ah ya, yang hobi traveling baca-baca blognya Sharon gih di sharontravelogue.comRead More

JoJo in 40 Days

August 18, 2014 Music

Another concert in 40 days and I’ll play a K-Pop song. Can you believe that I’ll play K-Pop at a classical concert? It all started when Mrs. Mela, my piano teacher, asked me to join the concert and offered me to choose my own song, then I told it to my friend Giza. She said, “I’ll come to your concert if you play K-Pop.” Then I randomly choose JoJo by SHINee. I submitted it to¬†Mrs. Mela the song and sheRead More

Piano Tutorial: Do and Don’t

July 15, 2014 Music

1. Do: lift your wrist. Don’t: rest your wrist on piano keys. Even though it sounds sooo basic, but yes some of pianists still do this lazy-man gesture. 2. Do: put your repertoire at the front holder.¬†Don’t: put the repertoire on the floor. 3. Do: normal feet position. Right feet to push the right and middle treadle, left feet for left treadle.¬†Don’t: cross your feet. You’re playing piano, not attending arisan ibu-ibu. That’s all, thank you and hope it helpsRead More

Tukang Becak Guru Kehidupan

February 16, 2014 Livre Journal

Kemarin aku pergi ke tempat yang sebenernya ngga terlalu jauh dari rumah, tanpa bawa kendaraan. Pas di jalan pulang, udah deket sih, ya sekitar 15 menitan kalau jalan kaki, aku liat ada tukang becak yang lagi diem nunggu penumpang di pinggir jalan. Randomly karena ngeliat ada becak nganggur dan kayaknya juga udah lama banget ngga naik becak akhirnya aku ambil becaknya dan ngegowes bawa pulang memutuskan untuk naik becak pulang. Ketika nyamperin tukangnya, dari wajahnya beliau udah cukup berumur. MungkinRead More

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Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Mirza Arfina, an Indonesian who loves Indonesia and currently enrolled as a graduate student of Padjadjaran University, majoring in clinical psychology. Some of my friends call me Mija and you can call me that too. Thank you for coming to this blog, hope you have a good day!